Summer Road Trip Prep

Getting ready to take a road trip with the family can be quite stressful, even if you know that the payoff is well worth the hassle. To make your journey every bit as enjoyable as the destination, get yourself ready with this must-do summer road trip prep.

Summer Road Trip Prep

Pack some snacks

The occasional stop at a gas station or rest stop is pretty much unavoidable, but you can minimize the amount of times that your journey grinds to a halt by thinking ahead. Instead of stopping off every time someone complains of hunger, have a plethora of healthy snacks and drinks handy. This will keep everyone happy — or at least as happy as they can be on a long drive.

Have things to do

Want to avoid rounds of being asked “are we there yet?” Keep your kids otherwise occupied by bringing plenty of books, games, movies, and music. If you’ll be relying on smartphones or tablets to provide entertainment, make sure that you have the means to keep them fully charged. To help avoid conflict, enforce rules about sharing to make sure that everyone gets a turn.

There are plenty of things that you can do to ease the stress and make your next vacation a breeze. One surefire step is to bring your vehicle into Gossett Kia for a check-up before you take it out into the great wide open.

Queensland Police Enlist 50 Kia Stinger GTs

The Kia Stinger GT has made quite the impression since hitting the market, intimidating the competition with its aggressive looks and formidable performance. It’s now set to start intimidating criminals in Australia, where the Queensland Police Service is adding 50 Kia Stingers to its fleet.

Queensland Police Kia Stinger

“This is a very important day for us,” Commissioner Ian Stewart told Kia. “We needed a special product to do a job for us, and that is what we have here. A wonderful product.”

The process of bringing the Kia Stinger into the fold for the Queensland Police has been underway since late 2017, and the high-performance sedan has passed with flying colors at every turn.

“It started with the desktop evaluation, then a track performance evaluation and then the operational evaluation conducted in real-world conditions. The final overall evaluation and review included the very important aspect of maintenance and cost. The Stinger performed very well in all areas and we had nothing but top reports from all the field officers,” said Road Policing Command Assistant Commissioner Mike Keating. “The result is a road policing first for us, the first foreign car to perform these duties.”

Queensland Police Minister Mark Ryan said that the decision to opt for the Stinger was helped in part by the critical acclaim that has been heaped upon it since its debut. Already, the Kia Stinger has earned the 2018 Car of the Year Award, was named Best of the Year and Best Sport Sedan in MotorWeek’s 2018 Drivers’ Choice Awards, and was a finalist for the 2018 North American Car of the Year award.

All 50 Stingers are set to head into active duty by December. Meanwhile, other police agencies across Australia are evaluating the Stinger and other Kia vehicles for their own fleet needs.

You don’t need to be an officer of the law to get your very own 2018 Kia Stinger GT — you just have to have an appreciation for all the fun that driving can be. To experience this incredible sport car for yourself, stop into Gossett Kia for a test drive.